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Sunday, July 25, 2010

How to Find Backlinks to Articles or Websites

As a matter of routine each morning you check your article stats, this morning you see that there is an unusual number of hits to your article or website. Is it a fluke, computer glitch or did you really receive that much traffic? How do you find out?

Backlinks are where other sites link to your article or website by posting a link to your site on their site. Backlinks are important because search engines, such as Google look at the number an quality of quality of sites that link to your site to determine your page's ranking.

Knowing where backlinks come from help you know where and how to drive more traffic to your site or page and what types of articles to write.

One of the most common ways to get backlinks include exchanging links with other sites (reciprocal links) and by placing articles you write in article directories and on other sites. But the most effective and preferred way to attract backlinks is to create quality, interesting and useful articles and web pages, where others voluntarily link to them.

Here are a few backlink tools you may find handy: 

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