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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

25 Free Blog Submission Sites

This list started out with over 100 blog submission sites.  I am in the process of testing each one, eliminating those with dead links and challenging submission routines, leaving the best for you!
The following FREE sites have been tested and relatively easy to submit to:  Read more...

  1. Blog Digger - submit your rss feed for your blog
  2. Globe of Blogs - submit your rss feed for you blog
  3. BlogCatalog - The Ultimate Blog Directory - Search For Blogs
  4. EatonWeb - submit feed for online blogs
  5. - blog submissions
  6. BritBlog - blog submission
  7. WeBlogAlot - RSS feed Submission
  8. BlogPulse - automated trend discovery system for blogs
  9. Blogz - add your blog
  10. BoingBoing - submit blogs for review 
  11. Liquida - Submit Blogs for Review
  12. - Submit your blog
  13. Top Blog Area - Submit your blog
  14. Blog Top Sites - Submit your blog (choose a category to be directed to submission pages)
  15. Blog Rankers - Submit your blog
  16. - Submit your blog
  17. BlogRankings - Submit your blog
  18. Bloghub - Submit your blog
  19. Bloggernity - Submit your blog.
  20. FreeWebSubmission - Submit your blog, website, or article
  21. Technorati - Submit your blog 
  22. Bloggernow - Submit your blog
  23. Blogarama - Submit your blog
  24. Blog Village - Submit your blog


  1. I usually don’t leave remarks at blogs, but your post inspired me to comment on your blog. Thank you for sharing!


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