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Saturday, June 19, 2010

What is Blog Walking?

Blog walking is becoming a popular term.  But what is blog walking?

Well, if you were an active eHow writer you wrote an article and hoped people would RRRC (read, rate, recommend and comment) on your article.  In return you would then visit their site and do the same hoping to increase your earnings or at least increase the likelihood that someone would catch a glimpse of that comment post on the front page and visit your article.  This is the premise behind blog walking.

In essence, blog walking, is a nice way of getting link exchanges for your blog.  By visiting other blogs that use the same keywords you do, reading some of their posts and leaving a comment (with your URL of course), and if you like what you read follow them, those 'in the know' will do the same.

There is even a comment application by Intense Debate that allows people a space to leave their URL when they leave a comment.

Quite a nifty concept - don't you think?

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