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Monday, June 14, 2010

Blogger Auto Follow

I knew it wouldn't be long before the old chain letter got a techno update.  Remember those letter you received in the mail back in the 80's asking you to send $1.00 to each of the people at the bottom of the letter, then add your name to the bottom removing the top person and send to 100 people?  It promised that your mailbox would be brimming with free cash in a few days (I'd be interested if this actually worked for anyone...)

Well Blogger Auto Follow is very similar, but instead of money it promises to flood your blog with followers.  Blogger Auto Follow has a free version that is limited to auto follow 50 blogs by keyword and in theory they are supposed to return the favor, then your name goes on the list for the next round.  A backlink to Blogger Auto Follow is required for this free service. You can return to the site each day to blog walk 50 blogs by keyword but the auto follow is only allowed once. 

If you choose to the premium option it is $3.95 and allows unlimited access to each option.
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