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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Freelance Writing for a Living

Today will mark six months as a freelance writer, writing content on the web.  The journey has been quite interesting to say the least.

Working as a freelance writer has been much more work than initially anticipated and earnings have not exactly added up to what others have touted as easy money.  I can see how some have been able to make freelancing their primary source of income, but I have not been able to obtain that level of achievement....yet.

I am proud to say that between residual income, affiliate advertising and Adsense revenue I am averaging between $200-250 per month and have written.

232 articles. This is certainly not what I was expected.  There are plenty of others who make well over what I am, and still others who are making well under. Increasing my SEO and backlinking skills will be my primary goal this spring.  Which should increase earnings tremendously.

At this time we are fortunately not having to rely on my freelance writing income to make ends meet.  By allowing it to accumulate in my Paypal account and build up on a monthly basis has really motivated me to keep writing.  To date earnings are as follows:

          Residual Income                      $794.99
          Upfront Payments                        10.00
          Affiliate and Adsense Income     226.58
          Total for 6 Months                $1,031.57

And the best part is that I have truly enjoyed every minute of it.  I plan on increasing my library and resources to have a steady stream of residual income flowing to cover our basic .  It would be nice if by year end our mortgage and utilities were all covered with only residual income.

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