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Sunday, May 2, 2010 is a 'Citizen Journalist News Site' providing the public with newsworthy articles from the average Joe's perspective.  Writers at are called Examiners and each are given a particular topic to write on, similar to a newspaper column.  Topics are organized by Channel and Channel Managers oversee these sections. 

Writers can be approved for either a National or Local topic based on their experience and writing quality.  Additional topics can be applied for by emailing an Examiner's current Channel Manager with their interest.

To read more about, find out where to apply and rate this site - Click Here.
Parent Company:  Clarity Digital Group LLC (which is owned by Clarity Media Group)
Other Sites Owned/Sites Where Articles are Published: 
Year Started:  2005

Where to Apply:  Please Use Referral Code 22920 and Click Here:  
Are International Writers Accepted: Not at this time

Topics:  Writers must write within their chosen/approved topics only.

Types of Articles: Newsworthy preferred; evergreen
Copyright Retained:  Yes

Payment Type:  Pay per View
Pay Rate:  $0.009/ppv but can vary; Local topics may be eligible for an $1.00 per article bonus in addition to performance pay.
Referral Fees:  Examiners can earn a $50.00 bonus for referring new writers
When is Payment Issued:  Monthly; On or about the 20th of each month
Payment Threshold:  $25.00
How are Writers Paid:  Via PayPal

Pros:  Great income potential for some topics; easy to become approved

Cons: Newer site with many growing pains; pay dates can vary month to month

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